Farmhouse in Orbetello

Podere Dodici

Farmhouse in Orbetello


Poderedodici Farmhouse is born from a lifelong path. After many years we finally found the place most dear to our hearts.

The perfect location to make our dream come true and share it with you.

We were looking for something that belonged to us and in 2019 we achieved our goal. We found this ancient farmhouse by chance and we discovered it was buit by Piacentini in the ‘30s.

The farmhouse underwent complete restorations maintaining the old rooms with a new end use. In the main building we created the breakfast room and the bedrooms; in the stables the three-roomed apartments and in the farm shed the manor house.



Podere Dodici



Holidays Apartments

The relaxing and peaceful atmosphere of the garden continues into the warm and comfortable rooms where guests will feel at ease.

All our rooms and locations underwent restorations and have high quality finishes and fittings dating back to 1930s, when the farmhouse was built. We paid close attention to the materials and decor in order to give guests all comforts they need; soft coloured fabrics and furniture perfectly mix modern and antique bringing you in a timeless atmosphere.

the apartments




Podere Dodici

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